Synergy’s Quarterly Party: This time we BBQ’d it!

Synergy’s Quarterly Party: This time we BBQ’d it!

Managing Your Social Media Presence(s)

Social media is taking over the world. Whether for business, or personal use, everyone needs to maintain an online presence. But with over 350 various networks in which to belong, it is all to easy to overwhelm yourself into abandoning the project all together. READ MORE

Did You Know? A survey of 10,000 Online Shoppers Found that over 25% preferred a direct mail piece over email and direct mail had a higher conversion rate and ROI compared to email.

Building Customer Loyalty, The Easy Way!

What’s better than earning someone’s business? Why earning someone’s loyalty of course! The ultimate sign that your business or product is successful is having lots of repeat business and word of mouth advertising from your customers. So how do you go from wanting it to having it? READ MORE

jenniwywz: How To Successfully Market To U.S. Military: Developing


How To Successfully Market To U.S. Military: Developing
Learn the essentials of successfully Business to Government (B2G) direct marketing of current and proposed products to the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) and the U.S. military. While one might make the assumption that direct marketing to…

Thank Your Customers and They'll Thank You With Their Business!

When someone elects to use your business, it is their way of saying thanks for being exactly what I am looking for. So don’t shy away from thanking them in return. READ MORE

Combining Print and Social Media Marketing: Augmented Reality and Digital Watermarks

Modern Marketing has shifted to weighing heavily on social media and the internet. In part, because it is cheap and it can be effective, sometimes. As the marketplace dynamically changes on a weekly basis with the latest app, finding the latest ways to integrate your online and traditional marketing are the key to business success. Here are some of the latest ways using Augmented Reality and Digital Watermarks!


Niche Branding: Becoming a 'Household Brand' Regardless of Your Industry or Size

The strength of your branding will determine the success of your company. Regardless of your industry or market, becoming a household staple should be the goal of your company, even if you are small. Don’t think you need to be Tide or Coca-Cola to be a household brand. Just be the brand in everyone’s house for your niche!  READ MORE

Focus Your Marketing Campaign to Increase Your ROI!

Nowadays, everyone from your dentist to your favorite pizza place has a facebook page and markets through some combination of advertising platforms. But, if everyone is talking at you from a different angle, sometimes its hard to sort through the clutter. That is why one cogent advertising campaign executed across multiple channels is the best way to engage your customers! READ MORE


This self-promotion book for a freelance Photoshop professional is completely hand lettered and “Singer stitched.” The book is meant to be sent to clients and prospects of Steve Bland, i.e., the Great Blandini, as a way to show his image production skills. It features 10 “tricks” used by the great Blandini, plus some custom retouches that show off his unparalleled skills. Agency: Interbrand Australia

|PS|: Hand lettered, people. Hand lettered.